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Hi All,

I was wondering if someone could help illuminate me…

I took a very simple objective-c file, “simple” and started looking at various sections…

Finally I did…

$otool -X -s __DATA __objc_selrefs simple

00003034 00002fec 00002fe7 00002fd7 00002fcc
00003044 00002fc6 00002ff2

$ otool -l simple | grep selrefs -A20
sectname __objc_selrefs
segname __DATA
addr 0x00003034
size 0x00000018
offset 8244
align 2^2 (4)
reloff 0
nreloc 0
flags 0x10000005
reserved1 0
reserved2 0

Now, obviously these are where the selectors are, and sure enough when I start walking the disass I find these addresses coming up… but if I look at address 0x3034 I don’t see 00002fec or anything the like…, in fact, using 0xED, I see 68300000 at offset 0x3034… so, where are the selectors? Am I missing something, how is this section used??

Any help, pointers would be great, thanks!

  • Jared