No tags in the Git mirrors

I've noticed that there are no tags in any of the Git mirrors [1], [2] or [3]. Would it be possible to add the tags?



We are not planning to use git tags there (at least until the git
migration would happen). Please use the release branches.

To me it doesn't matter if it's a tag or a branch, but, as far as I can see, there are no branches for point releases. For example, there's a branch release_50, but no branch for release_501, which exists in the Subversion repository.


There is no branch for this in svn repo either. The release_50 branch
is used for point releases as well.


I might be missing something but not mirroring tags in the Git
repository seems problematic. If someone wants to build a specific
release (from Git repo), how can they know which commit on the release
branch they should use?

Best regards

To be clear, I'm talking about there's no corresponding branch or tag in the Git mirror to this SVN tag [1].