Node definitions, Pseudo ops and lowering SELECT/COND_BRANCH to branch instructions


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Basically the architecture I want to compile to (SABRE) RISC does not support a conditional branch or a select instruction. It supports explicit branches of the form.

blt %a, %b, imm // branch on less than iff %a < %b then pc = pc + imm
So there are various branch instructions like … ble, beq, bne, blt, bltu and bleu (unsigned)

Im just slightly confused as to the distinction between expand and custom, and when it becomes appropriate to use custom over expand.

I’d like some definitive advice on whether to go for expansion or custom to go further with getting instruction selection working correctly.


This sounds like no problem. The BR_CC node does exactly this (it contains an LHS, RHS, condition, and destination block. Just mark BRCOND as expand and implement BR_CC and you should be set.