Non-ANSI characters in libcxx/tuple

After checking out libcxx:
svn co libcxx

I find that in the include file “tuple” line 751 there are a couple of non-ANSI characters, see attached screen capture. These may be invisible with UTF-8 encoding but ANSI (or HEX) encoding reveals them:

clang complains about these.

This happened with TortoiseSVN- and the latest TortoiseSVN- on Windows x64.


Same thing happened on Linux after checking out libcxx r191739 with
command-line svn. The bytes are 0xC2 0xA0, which is the UTF-8 encoding
of U+00A0 a.k.a. NO-BREAK SPACE


Yes, I see the same bytes, so they must come from the svn sources.

"svn blame" says that I introduced them at revision 186237; which was back in July.
I don't know how they got there, or why no one noticed them for almost three months.

Fixed in revision 191756.

-- Marshall

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