Non-portable use time command in

If you look at
then you see that all program test have '*' in run time columns.

I think problem in using plain 'time' command in

At FreeBSD 'time <program> <args>' call generate output in format "
0,00 real 0,00 user 0,00 sys"
for *.time files instead expected
"real %e
user %U
sys %S

And later failed at '-grep "^real" Output/$*.out-nat.time >> $@' and same
command in makefiles.

I don't know default format 'time' output for Linux, but correct portable
'time -p' call already used in without problems .
And then I think can be also safely used in

Patch attached.

RunSafely.diff (442 Bytes)

Thanks, Vladimir.

Patch applied: