Not getting email update from Phabricator via arc diff


I updated a Patch ( through arcanist and haven’t received the update via email. Anyone else having this problem?


Email sent via sendgrid might get delayed from time to from, and it might take a while (up to hours in rare cases) to deliver the mail.

Let me know if you still haven’t received the email or the delay happens frequently.

ok… this was not caused by sendgrid. The server stalled at importing a revision from svn server. It should work now. has been updated several times since Friday but I haven’t received any email since then.

The email daemon was down due to a bug in Phabricator which filled up /tmp directory. The daemon should work now with a workaround. Will follow up on the bug in Phabricator upstream. Sorry about the inconvenience!

  • Eric

Thank you!