not to break 'for' statement into basic blocks

Thank you so much but could you tell me a little bit more in detail about that you suggested?
Sorry, I'm just a greenhorn.

Seung J. Lee

There's far too much to cover on an e-mail list. Use Google, Citeseer, the
ACM digital library, etc. and search for "control dependence graph." I
provided the reference for an algorithm to remove unstructured gotos.

Everyone starts out as a greenhorn. Compilers are complicated beasts,
as evidenced by the number of Ph.D.s still centered on "solved" problems
like register allocation. :slight_smile:

It takes a lot of reading and doing to become fluent. I'm very happy to try
and answer specific questions. Here are some specific references:

Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools (a.k.a. The Purple Dragon
Book) by Aho, Lam, Sethi and Ullman. This is a good, if at times dense,
introductory text.

Advanced Compiler Design & Implementation by Muchnick. A somewhat more
advanced treatment, better as a reference than a learning book.

I strongly suggest that if you're at a University, that you investigate the
compiler course offerings. You'll only get so far just reading. Doing is
really important.