November 10th Flang Meeting: Upstreaming discussion

Hi all,

I wanted to let the community know that on the November 10th Flang meeting (next week) we will devote the vast majority of the meeting to discussions related to the upstreaming process of code into the main LLVM repo. Given there appears to be growing interest in the timing and details of these activities, we wanted to make sure this reached the broader mailing list and welcome your participation. Please feel free to forward this on to others who may be interested.

In case the regularly scheduled Flang calls are not on your calendar I have attached a bi-weekly invite that involves contributors from across many different time zones and organizations. Given the short duration of the call, I think it is likely we will need additional follow-on conversations – as part of the call we will hopefully determine the best approach for future upstreaming discussions.


Flang Biweekly Sync-Up.ics (13.7 KB)