objc. __auto_type and nullablility inheritance.

Hi to everyone! I’m integrating __auto_type to project, and I faced with some weird issue.

__auto_type doesn’t inherit nullability nor ownership qualifiers, so if I write

__weak Type* _Nonnull a = f();
__auto_type b = a;

b will be just Type*, with strong ownership and __nullability_unspecified specifier.

Although, if I’m writing

__weak Type* _Nonnull a = f();
__typeof(a) b = a;

Everything inherits as expected. So type of b is __weak Type* _Nonnull.
I know, __weak and _Nullable doesn’t make any sense for one variable declaration, but I think you get the point.

Is it ok? Why such decision has been made?
Thanks for any clarification.