objc++ enhancements?


Is there interest in enhancing the objc++ compiler to make objc mechanisms friendly to the newer features of c++? For instance...

1) making blocks movable so that they can capture things like unique_ptr<> and still be moved off the stack
2) making @property declarations work with move-only types like unique_ptr<>
3) enabling std::weak_ptr<> to weakly store an objc pointer under ARC. (see radar: 31177975)
4) add a mechanism to allow template metaprogramming to make full use of selectors. (see radar: 30812297)

Hi James,

Non-Apple people can’t “see radar”. Do you work at Apple? In either case, the clang development email list would be the right start for this. Also, if you work at Apple, please consider reaching out to the DevTools department directly.


hi. No. I don't work at Apple. If I did, I'd find out who to nag in person. :slight_smile:

thanks. I'll repost on the clang list tomorrow.