[ocaml] ocaml binding for debuginfo


  1. It seems that there is a typo in the definition of llvm_di_type_get_flags: https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project/blob/3926feb84ebe8ffd38bb27161a15b6bb3c8fc0aa/llvm/bindings/ocaml/debuginfo/debuginfo_ocaml.c#L840. LLVMDITypeGetLine should be LLVMDITypeGetFlags?

  2. Llvm_debuginfo.diflags_test does not work properly. I have the following metadata in a ll file:

!26 = !DIDerivedType(tag: DW_TAG_member, name: "y", scope: !23, file: !1, line: 9, baseType: !12, size: 1, offset: 32, flags: DIFlagBitField, extraData: i64 32)

But the following code returns false.

let diflags = Llvm_debuginfo.di_type_get_flags md in
Llvm_debuginfo.diflags_test diflags Llvm_debuginfo.DIFlag.BitField

Any thought?