Offline build bots


All the *nix build bots (lldb-x86_86-{debian,fedora}, netbsd-amd64) have been offline for a while now. Some as far as July 12.
I’m not sure if this is being tracked or whom to contact about this.

Thank you.

  • Afonso

Presumably Pavel and Michal (both cc'ed).

lldb-x86_64-fedora runs as silent buildbot:
Yes, the buildbot is failing now all the time for a week+, I need to debug it.
I do not see these failures on my own Fedora development box.

When it had no failures it still had occasional failure due to some testcases
being racy (for example TestVSCode_attach besides others) so I did not want to
bugreport people by false positives. Developers do not see much these racy
results as this buildbot runs on both poor machine and also the machine is
overloaded even by unrelated jobs.

There are now also the following two silent buildbots but those always fail
now due to some testcases needing fixing (or rather
@expectedFailureAll-marking) for these s390x+ppc64le arches:


Oh wow, I guess the issue is that there multiple llvm bot configurations? I see different results on port 8011, 8013 and 8014. E.g.: vs

Since on the bot page the first one (windows) is on 8011 I didn’t realize the others were running under different ports.

Sorry about that and thanks!

Answering for NetBSD: it's a kernel problem on the machine running it,
and we'll restart it once it's resolved. Sadly, it's taking more time
than expected.