Offloading failure leads to a system hang up

My app, (I can not reproduce it with a simple app) fails to offload
part of code to the device:

Libomptarget error: Copying data to device failed.
Libomptarget error: Call to targetDataBegin failed, abort target.
Libomptarget error: Failed to process data before launching the kernel.
Libomptarget error: run with env LIBOMPTARGET_INFO>1 to dump
host-targetpointer maps
Libomptarget fatal error 1: failure of target construct while
offloading is mandatory

and Linux does not accept a signal; I had to `scancel` it as I am
using slrum, but
that leads to a drain state and I have to ask admin to reboot it.

Same code runs and fails but does not cause a system hang at all.
Could someone look
at how AArch64 code generation is different from the main X86 code?