on compiling FORTRAN programs


I am stuck on compiling SPEC benchmark programs.

I could successfully compile and run my pass on SPEC CPU2006 C and C++ programs.
However, I couldn’t compile SPEC CPU2006 FORTRAN programs.

Note: I am using the make utility to run my pass on SPEC programs.

Any idea on how to compile FORTRAN programs using make (instead of LNT)?


Since the mid-90's it's "Fortran" without all caps.

If you have an unmodified version of SPEC CPU then you can just use those included Makefiles.

Wouldn't dragonegg (gcc->llvm) support Fortran, as part of the gcc
family of frontends?

Is that available in latest llvm release and or worth anything? I'm not sure the advantage of that vs a real FC compiler..

Yes, how well it works is a separate question.


I thought Duncan no longer had time to maintain it, so it may or may not
work with recent versions of GCC.

I am trying to configure NAG Fortran as front end.

Any comments?

@Bergstrom: What is this FC compiler?