ONE WEEK until components removed from namespace std::experimental

In the thread titled “RFC: Plan for removing components from namespace std::experimental”, (started last April) I put forward a timetable for removing things from libc++ that had become duplicates of other things in libc++.

Specifically, things that were in namespace “std::experimental” and “std” both (and subtly different in both).

In that RFC, I proposed to let a period of time pass before removal, to let people manage the transition.

That period has now passed, and I am planning on removing them on 1-February.

I have created a status page that shows exactly which components are slated for removal from std::experimental. That page is at

The ones that will probably have the most impact are:

  • std::experimental::string_view
  • std::experimental::any
  • std::experimental::optional

There are drop-in replacements:

  • std::string_view
  • std::any
  • std::optional

– Marshall