[ONLY 3 DAYS] EuroLLVM 2015 submission deadline

Dear all,

we have only 3 days left to the Euro LLVM submission deadline.

Deadline: February 16th 2015
Submission: Log in to EasyChair for EuroLLVM 2015
Call-for-papers: The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project

We invite YOU to present and discuss exciting work performed in LLVM itself or related to LLVM (clang/lldb/libcxx/compiler-rt/Polly...).

We encourage content such as:

   - Infrastructure changes
   - New features / optimizations / tools / ...
   - LLVM on new hardware platforms
   - Projects that use LLVM
   - Experiences you had with LLVM
   - ...

We are looking for:

   - Technical Talks
   - Tutorials/Workshops
   - BoFs
   - Lightening Talks
   - Posters

For more details: The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project

Tobias (for the EuroLLVM 2015 team)

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