Open MLIR Meeting 10/26/2023: A Polynomial Dialect Proposal

This Thursday, October 26th (9am California Time, 16:00 UTC ), we’ll have a presentation by @AlexanderViand-Intel and @j2kun about the proposal for [RFC]: A "poly" dialect for polynomial arithmetic, motivated by the use of such (high-degree) polynomials in a variety of post-quantum cryptography, including Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). At a high level, poly will contain a type representing a polynomial, attributes specifying the domain of the polynomials (e.g., integer or real coefficients), and ops representing addition, multiplication, division/remainder, polynomial evaluation, etc. More details in the RFC thread.

Zoom Meeting Link is unchanged, the presentation will be recorded and posted here and on our talks page on the website as usual.
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Meeting ID: 851 5109 0498
Passcode: 828404


Here are the slides and recording for this morning!