Open MLIR Meeting 11/15/2023: Targeting H100 with NVGPU and NVVM Dialects

This Thursday (tomorrow), November 16th (9am California Time, 16:00 UTC !! California is now in Winter time !!), @grypp will talk about the developments within the NVGPU and NVVM dialects to target H100.

To unlock NVIDIA H100 full potential, leveraging new features is essential. The focus will be on illustrating the implementation of key elements such as the Tensor Memory Accelerator (TMA), warp-group level tensor core instructions, and transactional barriers.

Zoom Meeting Link is unchanged, the presentation will be recorded and posted here and on our talks page on the website as usual.
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Meeting ID: 851 5109 0498
Passcode: 828404


Slides and recording from this morning are available! Thanks @grypp again for presenting and for all the work on this.

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