Open MLIR Meeting 5/6/2021: DISC - MLIR based dynamic shape compiler

A couple of month ago, folks from AliBaba group published DISC: A Dynamic Shape Compiler for Machine Learning Workloads.

This work was conducted as a followup to a previous RFC and a discussion at a previous Open Meeting.

More recently, this project was again discussed in this thread: Updates on MLIR based Dynamic Shape Compiler

This Thursday (9am California Time, 16:00 UTC ), they will present a bit more details on this and we’ll discuss the next step in order to open-source this work in MLIR, as well as the possible integration in TensorFlow/XLA itself.

As usual the information to join the meeting:
‪+1 218-301-8485‬ PIN: ‪255 745‬#

I’ll also update this thread with slides and recording after the meeting.

The RFC link (!topic/mlir/_X48poNcbDI) seems broken.

Thanks! I just fixed it now :slight_smile:

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The slides and the recording are available now! Looking forward for the next steps :slight_smile:

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