Open Position - Compilation for Heterogenous Systems (FPGA, Math. Optimization, Polyhedral Compilation)

Dear all,

we are glad to announce four open positions at Polly Labs (hosted at ENS
Paris) and at ETH Zurich to work with us towards developing scalable
compilation technology for heterogeneous systems (including FPGAs) and
large-scale real-world programs.

Starting off from the solid foundations the LLVM Polly loop optimizer
and accelerator compiler provides, we aim to scale the underlying
techniques towards larger programs, better (or optimal) transformations,
and modern programming languages (Julia, Javascript, ...). For this
journey we will combine linear and non-linear solvers, integer polyhedra
based program generation techniques, JIT compiler technology, automatic
tuning, accelerator compilation, ... and likely many other ideas.
Emerging platforms such as FPGAs are one of our core focus points. All
of our research results will be published as open source!
Depending on the position, you might work in close collaboration with
one of our industrial partners.

We are looking for excellent candidates for (PRE)DOCTORAL and
POST-DOCTORAL positions!

If you are (or know somebody who is):

- Expert in compilation and code generation (e.g., LLVM, gcc, …)
- Strong mathematical background (e.g., linear programming, (non)-linear
optimization, …)
- Interested in doing theoretically profound research applied in
practice and published as open source

with additionally experience in:

- Polyhedral loop modeling (e.g., Polly, isl, Pluto)
- Accelerators (e.g., CUDA, OpenCL, Vulkan)
- Development high-quality software and interactions with open source

and for the FPGA positions experience in:

- High-level synthesis (e.g., Xilinx Vivado, SDAccel)
- Overlay networks

get in touch!

Our job offers are pretty demanding. Still, we do not hire by ticking
boxes, but look for exceptional candidates. If you are able to write a
non-linear branch-and-bound solver over night, but never heard of GPUs,
please talk with us. Similarly, if you can program FPGAs in and out, but
need a crash course in polyhedra, get in touch!

Detailed job descriptions: