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Putting an xml declaration at the top of the file should have the same
I don't have IE 7 here so I can't test now :slight_smile:


In case you missed the update/commit/checking, I guess you should know it was my fault.

The comments I put at the beginning of the HTML files caused IE to not detect the docytype, which in turn caused IE to go into quirks mode, which in turn made me think IE didn't support CSS properly, which resulted in me making weird CSS hacks for IE.

When Chris removed a few of the comments, IE suddenly went into standards mode, and my hacks (which weren't needed in the first place) started causing problems for IE.

On another note, I wouldn't mind using xml doctype.... I think I considered xml and/or xhtml at first, but I didn't want it to be difficult for Chris to update the page -- you know, making sure all the tags are closed, written properly, and everything. I guess I should be asking what he prefers, instead. :slight_smile: