OpenCL Backend


as you come to speak of it, i have implemented an OpenCL-Backend for
LLVM as part of my bachelor thesis (and for GLSlang as well, see ).
However, the code is currently unreleased. But that could be arranged,
if you are interested in using it.


Hi, Simon!

Interesting work! Except OpenCL specifics, it looks somewhat similar
to LLVM C backend, if I understand correctly. Have you used it or
wrote your own code generator completely from scratch?

- D.

Hi Simon,

I would also be interested in this in your OpenCL backend. Please let us know when it is open sourced.


Hi Simon!

I’m too interested in your project. I’m creating something like.


2011/8/27 Tobias Grosser <>

On 08/27/2011 07:32 PM, wrote: I am doing parallel pattern recognition. Does anyone do similar job?