OpenCL C++ Kernel Language

Has any work been done towards support for the OpenCL 2.1 C++ kernel language?

I imagine this could be done initially by parsing as C++ and hacking in the relevant bits of C++ Sema (template expansion, overload resolution, lambdas) but I don’t know enough about the details here to understand what the potential issues would be.

If anyone has work in progress or any advice on this I would appreciate it.

OpenCL 2.1 C++ is still a provisional specification, so it seems a
little bit early to spend a lot of time on this without knowing the
final direction.

Once there is something new on this side, of course your approach seems
interesting to follow.

In the meantime, OpenCL 2.0 C is not complete in ToT yet, so I guess
that any effort would be appreciated there :slight_smile: because, as you said, it
will be a base for up-streaming OpenCL C++ later anyway.