OpenCL-specific image2d_t, image3d_t and sampler_t *revised*

Please find a revised patch attached. The patch conforms to latest versions
of the OpenCL specification, e.g. accepts both 'const' and 'constant' in
sampler variable declarations.


Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2011 17:27:33 -0000
From: "Anton Lokhmotov" <>
Subject: [cfe-dev] [PATCH] OpenCL-specific image2d_t, image3d_t and
  sampler_t types
To: <>
Message-ID: <000101cbe591$c4771bf0$4d6553d0$>
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We have implemented the OpenCL-specific image2d_t, image3d_t and
sampler_t types as a separate type OpenCLOtherType, unlike in Tanya's
patch [1]. The OpenCL event_t will be supported by OpenCLOtherType as


The OpenCL-specific types have many semantic restrictions (e.g. see [2]
for restrictions on the sampler_t type). We will supply shortly semantic
checks in a separate patch (or update this one), as well as tests.

Please note that we assume support for keywords as in our previous
patch [3]. We will revise the patch once Peter's changes [4] are merged
into the trunk.

Please review.


[1] Tanya,

[2] Anton,

[3] Anton,

[4] Peter,

00006-image-sampler.patch (36.9 KB)