OpenCL support

On (a): I understand that ARM is preparing to contribute a more
complete OpenCL front-end to Clang.

I am pleased to confirm that we are planning to send incremental patches for
supporting OpenCL C in Clang, as I announced at the OpenCL BOF at the
Developers' Meeting in November.

It would be great to nail down a
common front end with generic OpenCL semantics, and let later stages
(Clang's CodeGen? LLVM IR pass?) handle more target-specific
assumptions. E.g. it would be nice to standardize on how Clang
handles OpenCL's local, global, etc. etc. etc. E.g. just agreeing on
address space numbering would be a step forward. (e.g. global is 1,
local is 2...)

As discussed at the OpenCL BOF, I am happy to lead the standardisation
effort. (One of the benefits of ARM's contribution is that the open-sourced
code will conform to this standard.) Please just bear with the inevitable
delays caused by the open-sourcing and other work...