OpenMP+CLANG RTL && Polly && Future Dev

Hi John,

Thank you for your interest! – it’s nice to see some OpenMP love. :slight_smile:

As for

> - Do we have a running list of development 'Todo' items yet? [CLANG layer and RTL layer]  I saw some notional description of various things that could be done at the SC13 BOF.  I wasn't sure if there were owners for the individual items yet or people interested in implementing the changes.  

I can answer on CLANG part.

First thing we really need are code reviewes. We are trying to upstream our OpenMP 3.1 implementation (which is complete) to clang trunk; unfortunately, this happens really slow due to limited reviewers’ throughput. If you can contribute with code reviews, this would be very much appreciated.

For reference, the last review request is there: In general, any messages in cfe-dev mailing list with “OpenMP” in their header are related to OpenMP developments in clang.

Next, we can collaborate on further development of OpenMP support on (that we use to host OpenMP in clang implementation). There is a list of things that can benefit from re-factoring (under “Important Note” heading): – you can handle one (or all :-)) of them!