OpenMP in LLVM Multi-company Telecom Meeting Agenda August 12th

Reminder that we have a meeting tomorrow at 7:00 AM PST

Agenda :

  • Roll Call
  • present clause
  • Status of failures when switching OpenMP version to 50
  • target memory manager
  • unshackled task
  • Target memory allocator
  • Heterogeneous LLVM-IR Modules
  • Support fat static library
  • Libomptarget dependency handling
  • Development Activity
  • Informal meetings
  • Need review link in the agenda.
  • Async support
  • OpenMP IRBuilder status
  • OpenMP optimization command center (Johannes)
  • Automatic detection of target pragmas without user command line –fopenmp-targets=
  • DeviceRTL redesign to support sharing code
  • OpenMP feature tracking status (
  • LTO for fat binary linking

Hey Ravi, list,

a few things I want to mention before the call:

- We have a google docs now to keep track of notes online, makes it easier to share, collaborate, etc.

- Let's try to parallelize the roll call, thus everyone puts their name into the participants list if they wish to be remembered.

- We should switch the order of these items and only put the things on the list someone wants to present/discuss, easier with the shared doc now.

Hope to hear y'all in a few hours :wink:

~ Johannes