OpenMP in LLVM Multi-company Telecom Meeting Minutes Dec 18th

Next Meeting : Jan 8th (Jan 1st is New Year’s Day and on Jan 15th we have the F2F)


  • None

Development Activity:

Implementation of “declare variant”:

  • Progress of is stuck due to opposing opinions on the implementation. More reviewers are needed to step in and help resolve the disagreement.

OpenMP-IR-Builder status:

LLVM OpenMP community review etiquette:

  • There is a request for more community members to participate in the discussions around reviews of various patches because there is a feeling that currently only a handful of people get actively involved.

HIP/CUDA/OpenMP target compilation:

  • AMD proposed the idea of using a thread sanitizer with device RTLs by emulating runs of the RTLs on the host (because thread sanitizers cannot run on the device). Proposal was welcomed.

DeviceRTL redesign to support sharing code:

  • Jon has moved more code out of the nvptx RTL into the common library.

  • Implemented more functionality for the amdgcn target.

  • There is consensus on deprecating support for nvcc when building the nvptx device RTL. nvcc was the only robust solution when the library was initially written, but now clang can handle it just fine. This helps resolve a problem with compiler command-line options; clang, gcc and nvcc use the same options with different meanings. nvcc will not be dropped completely; instead a warning message will be emitted that compiling the nvptx RTL with nvcc has been deprecated and no support is provided.

Roll Call :