OpenMP in LLVM Multi-company Telecom Meeting Minutes Dec 4th

Next Meeting : Dec 18th (George will run the meeting)

Opens :

  • None

Development Activity:

  • Alex has implemented if clause support for simd directives.

  • Alex has implemented support for context selector for declare variant.

Currently supports Vendor support in implementation set and kind in device set.

Review posted here

  • Michael is working on loop transformation for pragma clang. OpenMP loop transformation like tile can be mapped on to these which he plans on working on next.

Review links are below :

DeviceRTL redesign to support sharing code :

  • Jon has added cmake support for common code, nvptx and amdgn targets.

  • Discussion on dropping nvcc for compiling device rtl. Nobody had any objection.

Jon to work with George on the final decision.

Roll Call :

Hi Ravi,

please put the declare variant stuff on the agenda for Wednesday, I'm fairly certain I can make the call.
Other topics that are interesting (to me):
   LLVM OpenMP community review etiquette
   OpenMP transformation pass
   OpenMP IRBuilder status
   Worked on OpenMP features and plans