OpenMP in LLVM Multi-company Telecom Meeting Minutes Feb 26th

Next Meeting : Mar 11th


  • Need to know if an application has any require directive first so only plugins which support them are loaded.

The offload library during loading of plugin may also allocate memory on the device for global declare data.

If there is a require directive it gets registered later and may be too late.

Registerization of the device image should be done after registerization of require directive by setting priority on the startup code.

There was no objection and Intel will implement this support.

  • Deepak asked if clarification added to 5.0 are tracked in the spreadsheet. Kelvin said no.

Everybody has to check if 5.0 has any clarification when implementing openmp features.

  • Jonathan would like to add codegen support for AMD target.

Similar to rtl library have common code for NVPTX and AMD move customized code into separate files.

Development Activity:

  • Michael Kruse started working on supporting Tiling.

Currently AST support has been added, Working on Codegen support.

Will work on unrolling next.

  • Alexey added support for Array shaping.

  • Alexey also added preliminary patch for iterator support

  • Alexey started working on depend clause on Task wait.

Deepak has already started working on this and will create a patch to upstream.

Alexey will stop working on this.

Implementation of “declare variant” and MetaDirectves

  • Deepak would like to know the status of implementation/prototype of metadirectives to shape OpenMP spec.

Will add it to next meeting agenda

DeviceRTL redesign to support sharing code

- Not too much activity except adding some AMD support.

  • Jonathan is looking into how to support data shared between host and device.

Roll Call :