OpenMP in LLVM Multi-company Telecom Meeting Minutes Jan 29th

Next Meeting : Feb 12th


  • Johannes mentioned there will be couple of OpenMP talks in CGO 2020 LLVM Performance workshop.

  • Francesco and Jonathan were having problems with skype. Johannes has kindly agreed to setup bluejeans for the meeting as a replacement.

Development Activity:

  • Alexey has been working on conditional last private that pass shared variables to inner parallelism

  • Regarding mapper support there is still an open question for the runtime implementation that needs to be answered.

  • Declare variant support is blocked on a community input on decision whether to use overload resolution mechanism.

  • Johannes worked on loops and how meta directive works on them.

  • Sheila is working async offload support. If things go fine will have a prototype wherein a teams of unshackled threads will be created to service async notification.

  • Francesco added support for attribute for vecotrizing function calls, Working on fixing underline structure for scalable vector

Would like Intel to move patches for auto vectorizer of functions marked simd to llorg.

  • Deepak’s teams have been working on lvalue on map clause and update clause. There was discussion on a function which returns value is a list item.

Need OpenMP standard committee to clarify the behavior.

Offload testing :

  • Johannes has been talking to Barbara team to set up machines. LLVM offer is not satisfactory to vendor.

Also mention of using Intel’s desk cloud setup as an option.

Roll Call :