OpenMP in LLVM Multi-company Telecom Meeting Minutes June 3rd

Next Meeting : June 17th

  • Status of OpenMP version switch to 50
  • Salyedui has posted the simple change to switch here
  • Encountered 75 lit tests failure.
  • Need to fix them for 50 or change test to use 45. Best solution to have both testing 50 and 45.enabled.

o Alexey said the fails are probably due to how the order functions are generated. There should not any semantic diff between 45 and 60.

  • Target memory manager
  • Shilei has posted initial implementation to support memory management for devices here
  • The memory manager does not actually free the memory on deallocation. Memory is chunked up into different buckets

based on size and uses exact_equlaity policy to find free buffer.

  • In future the memory manager should be aware of OpenMP allocators to check if it can satisfy the allocator request.

  • Async Support

  • Prototype has been implemented

  • An issue was fixed when the unshackled threads were sleeping waiting on conditional variable and signals were lost. This has been replaced with semaphores.

  • Currently only async target regions are supported Need support for target enter/exit data and update constructs.

  • Also need to investigate if the unshackled threads have an effect on affinity of the regular threads.

  • Fat static library

  • Jan has posted a patch for review here

  • Output is device only archive library. Host is not affected.

  • Currently supports only a single target. Future we may need support for multiple targets support.

  • sollveF test suite

  • Ravi encountered issues in sollveF tests when the target region is executed on the host. Asked for the process to report issues

Hal after consulting with owners of the test suite said best way to report issue is on git hub

Roll Call :