OpenMP problems with clang 3.7.0

Sending this thread to OpenMP dev list to be sure it is not lost.

I'm sorry, your mail came in a second too late...

Btw, why isn't Outlook responding to the list? I remember this working at least before the transition @Tanya


Jonas, no problems at all.
Actually, it was not Outlook problem, but my. :slight_smile: I just pushed wrong button in mail-client.

Best regards,
Alexey Bataev

Ok, but I have the problem and thought you would have it as well :smiley:

If I get a message only via the mailing list, "Answer to all" isn't including the list.
Answering to a message that I received directly (like this one) automatically adds the list to CC...
(just tested: same behavior with llvm-dev and cfe-dev...)

This seems to be the case since the author names say "... via openmp-dev"!