OpenMP runtime code owner


It appears that I have to resign from the owner of OpenMP runtime code, because I won’t be able to work on the project in the coming months at least, unfortunately.

To better support the runtime code development, I would like to nominate Terry Wilmarth to be the code owner. She is currently the architect of Intel OpenMP runtime that initially was the base of the LLVM runtime and almost identical it, so she has deep expertise with the runtime code. I am talking about the host runtime code of cause, as the OpenMP offloading runtime lives as a separate project under perfect governance of Johannes Doerfert.

Terry is also a member of the OpenMP ARB language committee, that would help to keep the code compliant with the OpenMP specification including future language extensions.

Thanks and regards,


Thanks Andrey for all your hard work! It was always a pleasure.

I’m certain Terry will do great. +1


Makes sense to me, thank you for your service here Andrey. Terry welcome to the role, and thank you in advance for all your work here!