Opportunities for meeting more frequently than once a year?

So I wasn't able to attend the developer meeting this year, even though I had signed up for it. This was a big disappointment to me, particularly because I had hoped to get some hands-on assistance for some unsolved problems that I have been struggling with for the last six months or so. Unfortunately, some of these problems aren't easily reducible to a simple test case which I can send as an email attachment, and of the ones I do post on this list, about half go unanswered (not that I'm casting blame, I know how these things go.) In any case, I figured I would simply put those problems aside and then bring my laptop to the developer meeting and possibly get one or more of the LLVM experts to spend some time with me. And then I had to go and miss the meeting. :frowning:

So I kind of wonder if there are possibly other opportunities for face-to-face interaction with the LLVM folks, on a smaller but more frequent basis than the annual developer meeting. Something like a user group? :slight_smile:

-- Talin

Sure, sounds fun. We just lack an organizer. If you make it happen, I'm pretty sure people will come :slight_smile:


That would all depend on how many LLVM users there are within easy
driving distance of you. I guess a good way to find out is to post
your physical location here and see how many nibbles you get.

FWIW, there is a LLVM bar camp planed in Paris the next month:

http://barcamp.org/LLVM%20BarCamp%20Paris (French web page)

-- Jean-Daniel

Hi Jean-Daniel

Sorry, I'm not involved in any way in this event, but feel free to contact the planner: Eric Mahé (eric at ericmahe dot com)

-- Jean-Daniel


So for everybody who could be interested in LLVM Camp in Paris - it will be in French.
I’ve just received an email from Eric Mahé.


So for everybody who could be interested in LLVM Camp in Paris - it will be in French.

Probably many people there speak English, so it may still be worth going
just to chat with people about LLVM.