Optimization pass questions

This may seem odd, but I want to really encourage the list to help Larry Gritz with this issue. I’ve been following the development of his project (OpenShadingLanguage) for months now and he has a very good use case for LLVM. It may be tempting to just “send him to the docs”, but if anyone here can help take their use of LLVM to the next level, I can tell you that many, many people will benefit. Larry is a careful, committed and experienced coder and all of this work is being done out in the open at http://code.google.com/p/openshadinglanguage/. Success on this project will push LLVM into an industry (Hollywood visual effects and 3D animation) where it really should be used. Now is the time to help. :slight_smile:

Unlike a lot of the advanced LLVM work being done today which is research-oriented (which is awesome, BTW), this is production software, meant to be used (now) on production projects. If people on the list can help more than usual, I think this is definitely a worthy project.

Best, Erich