Option description strings

There seems to be several forms of cl::desc strings for (mostly the hidden) options. Sometimes capitalized, sometimes full stopped, sometimes default described.

  • ‘Like this’
  • ‘like this’
  • ‘Like this.’
  • ‘Like this (default=off)’

It seems the non-hidden ones overwhelmingly go for capitalized sans full stop. Perhaps the help machinery could show you the default from, well, the default?

Some are multiple sentences, with the final one lacking a full stop – livable, but a bit jarring. Some of those are are like ‘OpenCL only. Description goes here’, which could be reformed as, say,

  • ‘[OpenCL] Description goes here’
  • ‘Description goes here (OpenCL only)’

there are example of the latter, eg:

  • -ffixed-x9 Reserve the x9 register (AArch64/RISC-V only)


Also, a few have rather long description that goes well into manual documentation territory eg:

  • -fstack-protector Enable stack protectors for some functions vulnerable to stack smashing. This uses a loose heuristic which considers functions vulnerable if they contain a char (or 8bit integer) array or constant sized calls to alloca, which are of greater size than ssp-buffer-size (default: 8 bytes). All variable sized calls to alloca are considered vulnerable

Perhaps some pruning?