[ORC] Access complete Symbol table of JITDylib?


I'm quite new to LLVM & ORC, I recently started trying out ORC. It's
been fun.

But there is something that's bugging me, how do you get info on the
complete symbol table of a JITDylib, "Symbols" has been marked private,
probably for a good reason?

I already know about JITDylib:dump, but I require to parse the Symbols

Is there currently a way to access the complete symbol table of JITDylib?

If not, would it be possible to add such functionality?


Hi Thomas,

I haven’t exposed any way to introspect JITDylib contents yet (except for the debug logging call that you found). All that you can do is issue a lookup for a symbol name and either get a result, or an error saying that no such symbol is present.

This is primarily because JITDylibs are open to mutation from multiple threads: Any snapshot that you take of a JITDylib risks being outdated a moment later. We could add an atomic “whileLockedDo(Action)’ style API, but so far it has not been necessary.

What is your use case?

— Lang.