ORC JIT Weekly #39 -- SimpleRemoteEPC, ELFNix TLV support

Hi All,

Headlines this week:

  1. SimlpeRemoteEPC landed in bb27e4564355 (with a number of follow-up fixes). SimpleRemoteEPC supports remote JITing using SPS, and should make it easier to write out-of-process JITs. It’s immediate aim though is to replace OrcRPCExecutorProcessControl (and OrcTargetProcess*), allowing us to remove Orc RPC (which should happen soon) and unblock some upcoming memory manager improvements.

  2. Stephen Fan landed ELFNix TLV support in ff6069b8911. Thanks very much Stephen!

  3. Finally, I’ve also floated an alternative JIT TLV design in https://llvm.org/PR51820 that should have much better performance than our current implementation.

– Lang.