ORC JIT Weekly #9 - JITEventListener support fixes

Hi All,

This week was mostly spent tracking down TSan and ASan issues exposed by testing of OrcV2 JITEventListener support. Those issues have been fixed in eb918d8daf1 (fixes the locking scheme in MachOPlatform), 54aec178dac (fixes the locking scheme in GenericLLVMIRPlatformSupport), and 39253a50f0f (fixes object buffer ownership in RTDyldObjectLinkingLayer).

With those issues sorted out, JITEventListener support in OrcV2 was re-enabled in 39253a50f0f. If you want to see how JITEventListers can be enabled for an LLJIT instance, check out the new example in llvm/examples/OrcV2Examples/LLJITWithGDBRegistrationListener.

– Lang.