[OT] ARMv8 (AArch64) server

Hi all

I think the ARMv8 isa is awesome, but just wondering if anyone is doing the work around llvm (besides Apple). I've heard rumors, but not sure how far along any of those projects are. Anyone who needs a Fortran compiler for it or is interested to work together ping me off list please.



Hi, note this a personal comment.

You can see from the lists that ARM has been sending patches for some of the
more "niche" instructions, encodings and intrinsic in the AArch64 ISA. So we
at ARM are certainly working on LLVM in the context of AArch64.


Thanks David (I'm aware of this)

My goal is to connect with other ARM partners who are interested in server/HPC. If they are targeting a server market (128 cores @3Ghz?) - I'd like to discuss if HPC is on their roadmap - if not - why not (such as llvm missing Fortran support, simd autovec, loop optimizations.. etc)

(I do have an ARM contact, but this seemed easier and likely to be caught by an engineer)

Hi Christopher,

Have you tried Linaro's LEG (Linaro Enterprise Group)? The main focus of
the group is to leverage ARM into the server market, especially HPC and
highly-distributed environments, and of course, mainly working on AArch64.

There's also the Toolchain Group (which I'm part of) that is working on

And, given interest from the community, we can begin to focus on LLVM+HPC
on AArch64. Of course, it's a lot easier to convince our steering committee
if you're part of LEG than not, but nothing is impossible.

We're having an event in Santa Clara next week (Linaro Connect), if you're
in the area, we can arrange a meeting so we can "talk (open source)
business". :wink: