Outgoing/incoming email changes on March 21st

Discourse has announced the following:

From the post above, here are the most important pieces of information that impacts the LLVM Discourse site:

Before the change:

Outgoing notification emails: llvm@discoursemail.com
Incoming reply-to emails: llvm+%{reply_key}@discoursemail.com

After the change:

Outgoing notification emails: notifications@llvm.discoursemail.com
Incoming reply-to emails: incoming+%{reply_key}@llvm.discoursemail.com

What about old topics?

Sites will support incoming mail for both old and new style addresses during a transition period of up to a year.

How does this affect me?

The hope is very minimally! The incoming reply-to email change is already rolling out across our hosting clusters and should be a completely seamless transition.

The outgoing notification emails may be a little trickier. Some email platforms (particularly Google’s) have proven to be very aggressive about assuming something is spam. Unfortunately we aren’t able to look at the criteria they use, so we are left trying to guess what will make the filters happy.

This is all to say that you may need to communicate to your community that notification emails are changing and that users’ individual spam filters may need to be adjusted. For most users this is just a matter of marking a notification email as “not spam” if it arrived in their spam box. The email platform should learn from there.

When are the changes happening?

  • March 21, 2022 (UTC)