Outstanding Merge Requests for 4.0.1


Just a reminder, 4.0.1 -rc1 is planned for May 1, after -rc1 there will
be around 3 weeks left to submit merge requests for 4.0.1.

Here is the list of merge request / blocker bugs that have not been
resolved. If you are the assignee of any of these bugs, please take
a look and help resolve your bugs.

llvm.org/PR32473 anastasia.stulova Merge r294313 into the 4.0 branch : [OpenCL] Accept logical NOT for pointer types in CL1.1
llvm.org/PR32797 chandlerc Merge r293630 into the 4.0 branch : [cmake] Support running tests in stand-alone builds
llvm.org/PR32201 chandlerc Merge r294690 into the 4.0 branch
llvm.org/PR32223 chandlerc Merge r297403 into the 4.0 branch
llvm.org/PR32495 clattner Merge r292188 and r292246 into 4.0.1 (fixes bug 32494, and possibly others)
llvm.org/PR32496 clattner Merge r294264 into the 4.0 branch : [LVI] Switch from BFS to DFS exploration order
llvm.org/PR32624 clattner Merge r299866 into 4.0.1
llvm.org/PR32213 david.majnemer Merge r294786 and r296163 into 4.0.1
llvm.org/PR32111 eric Merge r296561 into 4.0.1 - Fix PR32097 - is_abstract doesn't work on class templates.
llvm.org/PR32671 eric Merge r300397 into 4.0 - string::insert and append no longer work with move_iterator
llvm.org/PR32315 hans merge r292034 to 4.0.1
llvm.org/PR32253 kparzysz Merge r296645 into the 4.0 branch
llvm.org/PR32745 richard-llvm Apply r 297098 to 4.0 release branch
llvm.org/PR32794 richard-llvm Merge r301328 into the 4.0 branch : [libclang] Check for a record declaration before a temp
llvm.org/PR32483 sylvestre AMDGPU tests just started to fail on Debian unstable
llvm.org/PR32407 tstellar Merge r298687 into the 4.0 branch : NewGVN: Fix PR32403 - Handling of undef in phis was not
llvm.org/PR32746 unassignedbugs Apply r 298567 to 4.0 release branch
llvm.org/PR32762 unassignedbugs Merge r298799 into the 4.0 branch : Split the SimplifyCFG pass into two variants.
llvm.org/PR32143 unassignedbugs r274162 (SafeStack) causes cryptographic code to miscompile
llvm.org/PR31863 unassignedclangbugs Clang can't read back a PCH just produced: Assertion failed: (D && "Cannot get layout of fo