PACT-2016 ACM Student Research Competition (SRC)

Hi Das,

I don't believe non-llvm related publication are welcomed on this mailing-list (i.e. considered spam).



Dear Das,

Mehdi is correct; our long-standing policy is that calls for papers/posters/participation must have a specific component related to LLVM (e.g., a workshop on LLVM) in order to be considered on-topic for the LLVM Developer's mailing list. Calls that do not mention LLVM specifically are considered off-topic (for what it's worth, I have mixed feelings about this policy, but to date I haven't seen a desire to change it from the LLVM community).

If you haven't already, you might try advertising via the SIGPLAN and SIGOPS announcements mailing lists.

I will forward this information to our internal systems mailing list at the University of Rochester as we certainly want to get the research competition advertised.


John Criswell

Thanks for the mails. I didn’t realize CFPs of well-known conferences are off-topic. Especially given that so many students participate in llvm-dev and this was a specific students-only announcement.

Anyway, apologies.