Parallel C++

A “purer” object-oriented language would likely be a better starting point than C++, which is too much in thrall to its past.


Hi -

In the related work category, I'd also suggest you look at X10 [1] and
Chapel [2].

I'm not involved in the C++ standards, but I think it's unlikely
you'll get any traction there if the starting point is to discard the
C++ memory model (among other things).

Changing method calls into network messages is a capability that X10
has, as far as I know. I work on Chapel and tend to view that approach
as a language design that unnecessarily couples two different ideas.
But, many of the other properties you described in your summary apply
to both of these languages (e.g. optimizing compilation for the target
network - or more generally, including the idea of distributed
programming in the language).

Also, I'll second Jeff's suggestion that you look at Charm++ in particular.