parallel complie


does someone consider parallel compiler using llvm?


Yes. The LLVM pass manager has been explicitly designed to make this
possible, though it has not yet been implemented.

This is briefly described here:

In the meantime, you can always use 'make -j2' or whatever, running
multiple independent compilations in parallel. It is obviously much
cooler for the compiler itself to be parallel, but we haven't had the time
to implement it yet. The important part of the LLVM design is that most
of the compiler can be completely oblivious of the fact that
FunctionPass's (a majority of the optimizations and analyses) are being
run in parallel on different functions at the same time.


What sort of parallelism do you mean?

Parallel compilation, e.g. optimize functions in parallel so the
compiler runs faster, or parallelize resulting programs for faster

If you mean the first, we haven't looked into it yet, but the
infrastructure is there to run FunctionPasses in parallel if someone
wants to work on it.

If you mean the second, we're actively investigating that right now, but
it's at the earliest design stages at this point.