parent is NULL error

I'm always getting this error when trying to expand children of NULL pointer. But SBValue::GetChildrenCount() doesn't return zero.
It produces some trouble in our frontend: we are trying to be lazy and not discover value's children when it's not needed by user explicitly but we indicate that children are present since GetChildrenCount() != 0. Any workaround maybe?

Andrey Zaytsev
Software Developer at JetBrains, Inc
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You can check if a value is a pointer using:

SBValue::TypeIsPointerType ();

If you are using a more up to date LLDB that ha


Then you can check the pointer value to see if you really want to show the children. We will always return the number of children that a SBValue's type has even if the value is invalid because you might have expanded a pointer value before and the UI is remembering a user expansion state. The latest LLDB's also have a "get value as unsigned" convenience function:

    SBValue::GetValueAsUnsigned(uint64_t fail_value=0);

so you could do something like:

if (value.TypeIsPointerType() && value.GetValueAsUnsigned() == 0)
    // NULL pointer....