[Pass] How to gather data dependencies


I'm currently trying to develop new LLVM Pass that will generate simple data dependencies graph. For now I'm trying to get familiar with DependenceAnalysis.
My general idea is to traverse each function (runOnFunction) top to bottom Instruction by Instruction, using DA.depends( I, I2, ...) on every Instructions combination in function to check if they are dependent on any others.

Problem is that almost all (if not all) Instructions seems to be dependent on others even if they write/read to/from different memory cells.
Also I'm getting Dependence (confused) object, not the FullDependence, should i try to dynamically cast it to FullDependence, or is there a way to determine which Dependence instance i got other way?

Please help, I'm not an C++ nor LLVM programmer, but PHP-developer, however i need it done asap. If you can help just a little, give me a hint, i'll be very, very thankful for ANY support.

Best Regards

Take a look to this page: https://sites.google.com/site/parallelizationforllvm/

Shouldn't Dependence Analysis Pass do most of this work for me?

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