Pass information to alias analysis to get more accurate call graph

Is it possible to pass additional information to alias analysis pass for getting a more accurate call graph? Additional information is often fake.

I read updating analysis result, but I don’t know whether the method replaceWithNewValue has any effect on alias analysis result and call graph generation.

Is my goal achievable? If it is, what should I read and do to get there?


I’m not sure this document is outdated or not because I couldn’t find those callbacks under the AliasAnalysis or AAResults class. AliasSetTracker does have copyValue and deleteValue though.

I’m not sure what is “additional information” in your context.
In your case I think GlobalsAA is the one that can help you to build a more accurate callgraph. More specifically, helping you to improve indirect function calls. And I assume you’re hoping to pass some known predicates / assumptions to the AA. I don’t think GlobalsAA currently take those kinds of heuristics.