Passing "/DEBUG" to llvm-lib on windows

This is all on Windows.

I think I need to pass “/DEBUG”:

When compiling via llvm-lib:

However, it seems like llvm-lib doesn’t know about this flag and I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to do the equivalent.

Basically when I am attempting to debug, I have a pdb and it is loading symbol information but it does not contain file or line number information and I can only step into functions as assembly.

I am compiling some code into objects, then into a .lib, then linking with clang-cl that lib plus more objects. When I do this I am unable to step into any of my code though I can see the function names in the callstack.

I am trying to set /DEBUG with calls to llvm-lib and I am setting the flags /Md /Zi /DEBUG when calling clang-cl. Am I missing something?

I don’t think either lib.exe or llvm-lib care about /debug. It shouldn’t do anything.

Make sure /Zi or /Z7 is getting through to clang-cl during the compile step, and make sure /DEBUG is getting through to link.exe in the link step. This should allow function stepping in windbg or VS.